10 years of blogging

This summer, it will be 10 years since I created this humble blog. 10 years, this is a long time and this is –in my eyes– a reason good enough to make this blog live a little more and maybe get some new readers?

I created my blog august 2005, just before I moved to Sweden. I was not sure about my possibilities to communicate with my relatives before my moving. For those who don’t remember, 2005 was a time when WIFI was not an certitude on laptop from this time, a time when you did not get a mobile phone for just some months abroad. Neither Facebook, google+ or Instagram existed. This blog was thought to be a kind of diary to communicate with my family and friends, back in France or Germany. That’s also why I wrote from the beginning in english, and once again, I am sorry for my -still- poor english.

So, to the point!

I decided to celebrate these 10 years of blogging under 2015 with …. blogging. But more active, more organized and hopefully more interesting. In order to live up to that, I will still post of my simple life, but:

  • Every monday, you will have a picture to inspire you for the week.
  • Every tuesday, I will tell you how it is going with my (simple) body project. I talk a lot about running and stuff, but maybe you need to see that it’s for real? Ah, maybe it will be for you just an occasion to laugh at me, and it’s allright.
  • On wednesday, I will try to post about some cooking or food. I write “try” because I am not sure to be able to make it every week.
  • At the end of the week, it will be time for posts about reflexion, reading, listening, do-it-yourself or stories. I guess that you have more time to read on the week ends, so I will focus on posting long things at this moment.

And of course, in between, there will be some random posts, if something goes through my mind or if you wish so! Feel free to write if you want to read about something special, nothing is too personal so long I respond it by myself.

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