Resolution of 2015: operation cleaning!

This titel may sound like a perfect day for a house wife and this is about to be the contrary of what I wish me for 2015. I wish me action, but relevant one. So Instead of letting me polluting by this and that, I will clean my life.

Clean my body. I will treat my body well. I am not getting younger and every pizza is much more difficult to be ridden off nowadays. This doesn’t mean that I will only eat vegetables and drink water, no no. I will just choose my situations. While we are talking about food, I will even more try to cook vegetarian food. We have been doing it about a year now (it= just eating meat from our cow and not buying any other meat at all).

Clean my devices. Away candy crush, away facebook every day. These 2 are the most eating time and useless “occupations” I Have for now in my life. From januari the 1st, Candy crush will be off all my devices and I will only have 1hour of facebook per week. Why do I still have an hour? Simply because this is the platform where I have contact with some old friends and that I use the message function sometimes. But not always, and I consider that these messages can wait one week to be readen. And btw, I began a cleaning of my friends on FB. People I haven’t talk in 2 years are off. Plus the one showing some rasist (even light) opinion. I won’t tolerate intolerance (which is, in it, a big intolerance).

Clean my head. I will put something interesting in it instead of a ton of bullshits. I will read more. Yes, I know, I’ve already said that before but I mean it. I will take more pictures, clean ones, good ones. I will write more, like a part of cleaning my head. Putting some ideas down, getting some more and writing them down as well.

Clean my relationships. I will do with like an old furniture: take care of them, give them attention and don’t replace them by cheap IKEA. Of course, I may get some new ones, but I will take care of the ones I already have and like.

I feel like this is a big challenge though. Cleaning around me, I hope, will make some space for things I really want to do: spend time with people I Like, stimulate my brain and feel good with myself.

What are your challenges for 2015?

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