2 weeks off and life is going on

Hello my fellow readers (if I still have some?)

It has been 2 weeks of full activities and so little time to write on here, I’m sorry for that. I’m not forgetting the stories, I just need some time to write them.

We have spent a week end in Stockholm, eating in a nice restaurant on Kungsholmen on friday night and beeing at a childs birthday party on the saturday, was fun! This is always fascnating to watch small humans having conversation or living in their dreams and fantasy. Grown ups should do that more often!

The weeks at work have been full of travel and actually work, which made me pretty tired on the evenings.

I’ve been riding on mondays of course, having fun with this horse Owen II, that is so big that I barely can brush his back, but that is so sensitive that I needed to strech me and be soft from all of my body (maybe hard to understand for someone that never was on a horse, but we’re talking millimeters precision here). Talking about exercice, I also have been running, looking toward the half marathon in Linköping next june. It was all good until I became sick. I haven’t done anythig for a week now and I need some more rest to take care of me. I can’t afford a too long stop though, I just wish my flue will go away. Now!

I’ve also been on bff week end in Dublin, with my french bff P and it was a reallygood time. For those who have the chance, go there, irish people are fantastic friendly and Dublin is really enjoyable. We even went a little bit on the country side (20 minutesfrom the city with the train) and saw the sea and cliffs and seals. And the purpose of the week end was of course to talk about everything that happened since the last time we saw, and it was a lot! So much that when I was waiting for my plane back to Sweden, first time alone from the week end, I felt that it was so silent, a little strange.Thanks P for this fanstatic time!

Talking about fullfilling ones dreams: we were at a friends place yesterday evening, and not any common place. No. My friend is living on a sail boat, that he bought one year ago, with the goal to leave and travel the world through the oceans. This is reall amazing to see someone that really makes it: it inspires me to make the same with my own dreams. I just need to give myself time and space to make it. The hours outside my job are not thousand, so I need to plan a little and mae it happen.Like no more hours of candy crush, I’llmake something usefull instead.

Today is a day in bed. Both M and I feels sick, M more than me actually, so we make bed activities. Don’t read kinky, he is watching horror movies and I am writting on here, finishing the book I began last week (I noticed that it may be the serie of books from which the serie The Killing is taken from, so it’s funny to read, I try to make parallels), will write on my stories, bake some bread and the pulled beef is in the owen. It’s smelling delicious in our flat but we have to wait some more hours. I also plane to make palmiers but it’s for later, it takes no time to make apparently. The weather outside is wet and we just need to rest our bodies and inspire our  minds.

Have a nice day, I will try to post some stories on here today or tomorrow, hang on!


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