This is sunday again and what for a sunday? The sunday of the apocalysp. It is raining cats, dogs and the whole arch and I need to run a long pass today. Hum, maybe as Olle painted this morning:

1978527_10152786198107430_1464880908069141265_o(pictue borrowed from Olles facebook page). I love his illustrations!

The end of the past week was kind of active: I was in Stockholm and this means a working day from 5h40 when I left home until 18h30 this time (sometimes 19h30) when I come back home. After such a day, I just want to sit myself in the soffa and talk with M, that’s why I haven’t been very active on here. Sorry! I plan to write another part of the story today, so keep on looking here, it might be some news!

I need to tell you some things though:

We bought a robot-vacuum-cleaner! And this is the best thing we bought in ages! Neither me nor M are really big fans of cleaning our flat, so our neato-robot helps us with that. It costs some money (around 3800 kr) but our flat is definitivly cleaner than before!

On the film above, you can see some positive and negatives things.

The good ones: it takes everything he finds, he doesn’t make more noice than a normal hoover, he charges himself alone, he testes the room and find by himself a good partern to clean, he doesn’t hurt furnitures, he goes where you never goes (like far away under the bed). He has a receptacle for the dust, so you save the environment by not using bags.

The bad ones: he is kind of bad against the walls and in the tiny corners. Well, you may use your normal hoover one in a while to fix that. He takes a little more time that you may need yourself, but on the other hand, you can make more pleasant things while he is working for you. If you make your house neato-friendly meaning pulling off the things that he might study to take himself around, he would work faster.

So far, we are very happy with this investment.

The second important thing: I registred myself, my cousine and my sister for the half marathon in Linköping next june. So no return, it’s just all about running and training now! My goal: to run it faster than in Stockholm. It would be a dream to achieve it faster than in Paris, but I doubt. For my sister and my cousine, I guess the goal is to fulffill it since it’s their first. It was at least my goal when I registred to the Broloppet 2010. Next june, it will be my fourth official half marathon in 5 years. (I ran one last year but it was by myself and totally unplanned!

Anyway, the plan is to run, twice a week at least: one with my colleagues from work and make some intervalls and one during the week ends for the long pass. The goal is to be fit enough to run during 2 hours and a little more without feeling I’m dying. For today, I am just waiting for a little break in the raining to take me out. Last week, I ran 10K at the gym, so I will try 12km today. I’ll tell you later how it was!

A little song for today:


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