Sunday morning

Both M and I woke up pretty early for a sunday, short after 7. The wind is blowing strong outside and even if the rain is not falling, it is threating us. Automn in all its beautifullness.

We had a productiv morning:

with eating breakfast: to eat breakfast together on the week end is almost religious for us. We sit and are often quiet but like each others company

with cleaning: it was about the time. We have kind of a good workteam, M and I and somehow, the satisfaction to live in a clean and ordered place is bigg!

with training: well not. I wanted to run but got totally mad at my GPS-clock that did not want to find satelites. After 10 min of tries, I gave up and went back home. You will tell me: “what for a bad excuse, you could have run anyway”. Of course I could have. But I am in a relatively bad mood, so I went home again instead and took a long bath. I registred for a yoga class tonight, it will work as well. The breathing thing will make me good.

We are invited for coffee at some friends place in an hour and M is going to Ljungby directly after. The rest of the day will be spent alone at home and at the yoga class. And tomorrow, it is riding horse that lift me up. I am pretty angry at some things right now and it won’t leave me. I have a plan for this but it takes time and I am – as you may know – not good at waiting or making slow things. I feel very lucky to live with someone that can give me some strength and makes me forget this boring thing. M is a great support and when he is gone for work, I feel like a little girl. I may spend time making pictures, it should give me some peace for my mind.

14_IMG_7753 - Kopia

 He doesn’t like to be photographed, but I hope he won’t mind me publishing this picture of him…

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