This is a German kind of pasta, kind of, that you can make yourself, only I you are not afraid of dishes. It takes two to tango, so no good meal without a little effort. Since the ingredients are always at home, the dishes had to be challenging. Here you go:
350gr of flour
7 eggs
0,5 dl of water

Mix everything. The result has to be creamy.
Put some water to boil.
Pass the mixture trough a thing like the one in green on the picture below. When the spätzle come up at the surface again, it is cooked (pretty quick like 1 min). Don’t put to much spätzle at a time, it is easier to take care of them if every piece has the time to sink and then float again. Try, you will soon understand what I meant.
When the spätzle is ready, put it on dry in the yellow thing on the picture bellow.

You can grill some bacon and put the spätzle in a pan to frie them a bit. This is excellent with some cheese. Enjoy!




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