Nowadays, I just feel that I want to get all the hidden gifts from our environment and primarily, our food. I read on some internet that it was not so hard to make your own bread from scratch, with water and flour.

So I went downtown and bought some ecological flour and began this job with the starter. I looked at some several receipts and choose to make it in a little scale. It worked well!


And then, I cooked bread (then, read some days later). It tastes good!


The flour was a 50/50 mix between rye and wheatflour and my stomach had some trouble to digest it actually. The bread dissapeared in breakfasts, so i made a new one yesterday, with a proportion more 70/30. It worked like that:



It was so gooood! With ecological flour,water and 45min of heat in the oven (cost approx 10kr except electricity) i can tell you with assurance that you will not be served any other bread in my home!

Soon, the story about hw to make your own butter in 15 min.

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