Improve your well being – Part III

Today was a day with a lots of little “plus” everywhere. I am actually on vacation, but I thought that I would go to the hair dresser at 9 inte the morning and then go to work, in order to put some order around me for my first real day of work of 2014 on monday. I also wanted to get up early and go out for a run before all that. That was the plan yesterday, when I switched off the light in the bed room, the phone sleeping in the living room and my eyes tired of a little reading of a real book.

I slept like a baby, the whole night, from 21h30 to 6h30 this morning and when the clock rang, I did not really knew where I was. For real. M was not by my side (normal, he was in Ljungby, as every tuesday and wednesday) and it was raining hard outside, I could hear the rain against the window. Now, hold on, here comes a confession. I was lazy. I staid in my bed and read of this book “en man som heter Ove” and which I find pretty funny.

At 7h30, I got up, took my shower and received a text-message. This was the hair dresser who asked me if it was ok for me to come tomorrow instead of today as planned. Well, nothing much planned tomorrow except studying, so no problem. My plan of the day had suddently changed and I decided to go to work right away, but to pack my clothes to train on the way back home.

A song for a little soft paus:

I had a nice day at work, made a lot to prepare the coming weeks and feel axcited about working again on monday. Then, I decided to go to the gym. At this right moment, I realized that I forgot my locker at home, so no possibility to change myself and run at the gym. Except if I would find a 10kr coin somewhere. I had no one, so I began to ask my colleagues one after the other and the 15th had a coin to borrow me. So no excuse, I went to the gym.

It was my last ticket there, and it costs like 100 SEK for each time, so I decided to make it last, with a long pass. I ran 10K there inside, listening to the radio program I call “communist radio” which is actually called “Là-bas si j’y suis” and talks about actualities. Today, I both listened one program with a philisoph talking abour drones, killing people and the definition of war contra crime and one program about the growing extreme right in France and how this political part is growing without doing anything special, just waiting for the other parts to tired off all their partisans. Both programs gave me a lot to think off and it distracted me from how boring it is to run 10K at the gym.

Then, I walked home and here I am now.

This day is far from finished yet, M comes at 22h tonight, so I will pick him up. But so far, it was a good day. I feel good, tired but good. My old body likes the gym and my head liked the radio. I will now look in a lots of books about cooking in order to find some nice things to make tomorrow and this week end.

OK, time to shower myself, have a nice evening!

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