Sick and tired

Sorry that I have written so little the past days, but as I said, it was xmas here for us and we have been in M’s familly for some days. Yesterday, we spend the day buying food, studying, cooking some food and watching to 4400. (a boring TV-serie if you ask me but it was all right since I was getting sicker and M was not feeling good as well.)

Today, we had the visit och M’s brother and his familly and it was very cosy to eat lunch together here. I tried to make a new receipe and I think it was all OK for everyone.

The sun is already going to bed, the weather was all grey today too and it is not cold. It is a boring winter if you ask me but there is nothing to do.

I really don’t think that I will reach the 700K this year, I am not feeling so good, so I don’t want to force myself. too bad.

OK, back to the study for now!

lampa2 - Kopia

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