When the sun stays in bed

A monday, the last of working day from 2013, has gone. It was a cleaning day at work and this is needed sometimes. Goal until friday: 0 e-mails in my mailbox. I succeed last summer, so why not making it as a tradition for every vacation?

We had a very actice day yesterday. A sunday always begins with a sleeping morning, and this one was a noral one, until noon or something. Then, I had to motivate mysel very hard to go to run, but I knew that I had to make it if I wanted to reach the 700K for 2013, so I went to the gym and ran there. It was a really boring hour. To run 10K inside is the most boring thing ever. But it went well, and I walked back home pretty happy. We bought some food too, made the laundry and watched some parts of a new serie we foudn on netflix: 4400. This is an OK serie, but sometimes a bit too sentimental, or american maybe I should say. Anyway, the day went away pretty quickly it seemed. No study at all, I really have to make it good now.

I was wondering today if the sun would go up. It didn’t. So instead of being sad or something, I found a picture from last year that you may watch and pump out sme sun off.


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