Baby and cross

A thursday on earth. Almost normal but it felt like time was running away from me the whole day. I’ve been doing things, but I haven’t seen the day go. Oh yeah, I almost forgot already: I took a decision (I hope M will enjoy it, if not, he is forced to). I booked our moving with a compagny in januari. Maybe a little lazy you may think, but there are a lots of things on the calender for these days and I don’t want to compromise my exams and my relationship, so let’s give some money to that. It is actually my Xmas gift to myself.  We won’t travel anywhere during the holliday, except in M familly, we do not travel until then, so I thought it was OK to use our/my money that way.

I was at the gym tonight and ran intervalls. 2km warming up 6min/km, and then 3 min + 2 min + 1 min at 12km/h three times with 1 minute rest in between. It was 6,3km for 40 min. I am pretty happy with that, specially when I think of how tired I have been the whole week.

Oh and another thing: today, a colleague of mine came into my room at work and we discussed a work thing and then she told me with a big smile on her lips “and I have  good news as well: I am pregnant in the 15th week”. Oh, she was all shining and happy. It gives me some ideas but well…

A picture and I am running in the shower:



Picture taken here some yeats ago, at a Xmas break.

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