Back home earlier than planned

Good evening my fellow readers!

I am at home. I shouldn’t have. It was planned that I would have slept in Stockholm tonight and be there tomorrow to follow a meeting, and come back with the train on the evening. But it happened something that is affecting pretty much transports in Sweden right now. Nobody -what I know of- was injured but a train went out the rails in a tunnel in Stockholm, which blocket the whole traffic yesterday and causes a lots of delay for a long time ahead. It took me 5 hours and twenty thousands changes to arrive to Stockholm yesterday, so I decided that I did not want to make the same kind of travel tomorrow evening, in a cold and dark november evening.

So I was in Stockholm and in Uppsala and had a very social time. I met a lots of people, some I like very much, and some a little less, but lets say that I did not waste my time on talking too long with people I did not like. This is a pretty bad thing to write actually, but this is it: you can’t like everyone and I decided to save time for the people I like. Varning though, I am not at all a fan of this consumption thing: “throw away the people you don’t like”, not at all. I just think that I like to spend time with people I like, and they are a lot, so I need to focus. Well. Long explanation for nothing you don’t care of I guess.

The morning was beautiful when I walked from the hotel to the office in Uppsala this morning. See by yourself what for a view I had to admire. The city is becoming really nice but is still in a lots of constructions here and there. A never ending project.

Uppsala Östra - Kopia

I took the bus back home tonight and it took of course a long time, but it was a safe way to be sure to come at my destination with the train troubles right now. My phone battery died during an interesting pod cast, so I had to think by myself. And it WORKED! I am still able to think and dream and make projects! Yeah for my old brain, that I was afraid to be eaten by modern technology. So I tell you: I thought that, when I am finished with this study time, meaning february if everything goes well, I will try to be a little more creativ. I’ve got some ideas, both things to make with my hands and with my brain. I just need to take me time to make a try. And another try, because nothing can be successfull by just one try, right? What about this theory of 10 000 hours to be good at something?

I had a Xmas present to myself when I arrived at home: the new album from Jenny Wilson. I can’t wait to eat breakfast tomorrow morning, and I am sooo close to buy a walkman, in order to listen to CD when I run. By the way, the running is not doing good: I had no place in my bag to take my running clothes with and no time on monday, so I haven’t run a meter since the 15K from sunday. A shame.



The picture above was taken in march 2011, when my legs took me around Paris half marathon in 1h57. I will turn 32 years in4 months and one day, so I set a goal. The day of my bday, which is a friday, I will run a half mara and see how quick I can run by then. I just have to think out a technical solution if the weather is too bad (and I am just thinking if it’s icy and snowy a lot, in order not to injre myself). I’ll let you know what I’ll have find a good alternativ. Under this time, I’ll have a goal: to run and feel good!

For now, my bed is crying for me. Good night!

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