Saturday morning

Oh what I needed to sleep a long night! The 10 hours of the past night were used to sleep deep and to dream of my horse. I woke up with a bad feeling in the body, since my horse is dead since 2008. In my dream, I had forgotten her for years in a place where she couldn’t go out or eat and she was very mager and sad. Horrible dream.

The weather is not very beautiful today, grey day again, usual in november here. But I took my courage in my two hands and legs and went out for a 4km run. It was a really slow one and if only I could load the data from my clock, I could show you, but I don’t know why, this clock is going bananas.

A propos bananas, I think I will try to make the fabulous Annsanns receipe for breakfast this week end. I just need peanut butter, but I will give a try! What goes on food: I tried to make bread the other day and it was lovely! I just forgot the salt, but when you forget this, it tastes actually very good! I will make it more often, since I am growing totally tired of the swedish bread.

Ah, NOW! My clock wanted to load the results of this morning: 166 in average pulse, 26 min for 4,3km. Slow as well. But tomorrow, a long pass is waiting for me, maybe the last in the woods for this year?

and now: BREAKFAST! 

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