Today was in a way a good day but alos a bad day. I haven’t done at all what I thought I would do and this is so rare to be free from work in the middle of the week that I am a little angry at myself because I did not achieve my goals. I planned to have this day off to study and I let myself getting distracted with a lots of other things.

For exampel: I made a review of my insurances. This took me the whole morning. Good that I fixed it somehow but piss that it took the best moment of the day from my study. Who is to blame? Only me.

I ran, but only 4km and not quick at all. If I’ve gone outside earlier, I would have avoid this cold shower btw. And then, I looked at my registred runnings since 2009 and I have never been that slow in my whole running life. This is depressing. On my bday 2010, I was able to run 10k in 60 min. Where is my good condition? One month later, I was running 15K with the same velocity. I had my best i think in Paris for the half mara with 21km in 1h57. This seems so far, I tell you so far. But tonight, I set a goal: I will soon be able to run 10km under 50min. I dunno which timehorizon is realistical, but I will be more serious: once a week: interval. These 3kg I have too much on the ass: WEG!

I made crèpes tonight. Not as good as my mothers, but crèpes indeed. We had pretty nothing to put on unfortunatly. But well.

I am feeling tired as hell, so I think I will wait for M in our bed. He is at the gym right now, but I don’t feel like waiting for him in front of the computer. I will manage this exercice tonight, or thursday or friday, but I will!

good night!

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