The sky is crying rivers today

This was a very windy and rainy day today in Sweden. Judge by yourself:


Tonight, I have been wondering about which kind of life insurance would be the best now that we are buying a flat together. What happens to M if I suddenly die since we are not married? It seems like a good plan to meet a layer as well and clear up some things in case we would separate, may it be tragically by death or tragically by unable to live with each other. This loan is big and nothing you can just pay like that if something would happen. The most simple thing would be to marry each other, but he has not proposed yet, so the rational me has to think of a practical solution.

It is anyway too much for tonight. The soup is cooking, I am on vacation tomorrow the whole day, so I will fix it during the day.

Have a nice evening, we may cuddle the whole evening.

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