oh my G! we ate some french food tonight, real french food with a lots of cholesterol and smells! A wonderful tartiflette!
How to make it? it is very simple. Except for the first step: you need to find a reblochon. A real one. They look like this:


this is a cow milk cheese, that is quite mild when you taste it but it can smell like hell. Reblochon. There are also different theories in France about if you have to say “rEblochon” or “rOblochon”. It doesn’t matter. Just buy one and treat it like it should.
For its compagny, this cheese needs some onions and bacon, that you will have “risoled” in a frie pan. On the side, cook some potatoes. They don’t need to be ready, just smoother than raw. Then, you put half of the potatoe in a pot that goes into the oven. You put then your mix of onions and bacon and 2dl of crème fraiche that you distrubute on the potatoes. Then you put the rest of the potatoes and the big time: you cut your reblochon in 2 in the length and pof, you put it on the pot like this:


You may serve with a dry white wine or a strong red wine. We had a good bordeaux (thanks dad) with it tonight and it was… GOOOD!!!

We had a very nice company of P, E and their little sweet A and we loved it! More of this nice company for the people!

For now, an episode of breaking bad and bed time for us. I am very happy that we gain an hour this night!

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