Oh the noes!

The nightmare begins, see by yourself:


You see? X-mas things are already up and we are in October, bleh! For you who know me, you know that I am not a big fan at all from Christmas and now I will have to suffer this in three months. Horrible.

I-lands problem you may think but I am sure that the humanity who feel better if we would stop with this overmaking of every tradition and habits.

I walked to work today, for a change and I listened to the “communist” radio program and they had the year 2000 fir subject, how we saw it when it still was the future. It was very interesting to listen to people speculations. One of them was that we would be overflowed with informations. With the facit in hands now, I can tell that 2000 was nothing compared to 2013. I did not have any cell phone at the time and no mail either, so I was still free from all these perturbations. I cannot say the same today and it is a challenge to filtrate what I wAnt to read about it not. This is like buying things, I decided to make a choice to listen it watch to what really gives me something, in order to save my poor brain.

For now, I go back to work. I may extend this thought this week end, stay in touch!

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