A woman in a bed and a man with a smartphone

I had a nice chat – as always Å!- with a colleague of mine today and he showed me an invitation to a seminar. The subject is about being connected the whole time and not living in the present. Good intention! But… The picture on the invitation was showing a couple, lying in a bed with white sheets, champagne and strawberries on the side of the bed. The woman was lying on her stomach looking at something on her laptop and the man was lying half over her, playing with a smartphone. First, I can tell you that the picture quality was pretty bad and the couple looked like they were extracted from directly from Dallas. Then,I am sceptical about this kind of picture: if you need to put naked people in a bed on an invitation, then you don’t have that much to tell. I wonder if our standing connection is only affecting our sexual lifes? Did people in the 80’s and 90’s have more sex then now? I am not that sure and I am not sure either that it was the point.

With this bloglifting, I decided to write things that matters a little more and not just a bunch of “oh sorry, i did not have the time to write”. This will ask a little of my time of course but I think that I waste enough time on the internet with things that don’t give me anything that I could easily spend 10 minutes of this time writing something on here. I will make a try at least and I will prioritate less Candy Crush and more nice blogging.

Maybe I will put some better pictures as well. I haven’t been on a picture trip since at least a year and it would be good to make it sometimes!

OK, I am late in making my exercices for this law courses I am following on the side. The subject this week is about Labour Law. Everyone should read it me thinks.

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