Some days later…

The excitement is still at its top! I just want januari to come and i dream of going around i our new flat and make the laundry (washmachine in the appartment!!) and put some dishes in the
dishwasher and oh, i am longing!!

For the rest, i have been sick last week,so no running at all but i felt ok when i went out yesterday and sunday.

Good news too: i did manage with the highest grade the 2 first exercices in the course i am reading on the side of my job. Only 8 left and the final exams and i am done! there are a lots to read
but this is interesting. Actually, everyone shoudl read them, it is very helpfull even if you don’t want to pretend to become a layer (which i am not doing!).


The automn is here,M is working hard and it’s raining outside. What will we eat for dinner? i don’t feel like cooking at all but not sure what i want to eat anyway. Maybe we will make the local
economy run, with a pizza. Miam!


Pfuii, some reading left, have a nice evening everyone!