Hello people!

First monday of november, almost done! The last part of it will be a piece of cake, i’ve already done my part.

We went to the cathedrale of Linköping yesterday and listened a little bit to Mozarts Requiem. It would have been better if we would have come earlier: the church was full of people and we were close to the doors. I like very much the requiem, probably because it’s the only classical piece that i know somehting of and i remember learning a lots of the lyrics in latin when i was like 14 or 15. I found it cool.

We did not stay that long because of the bad acoustic. Next time, we will come earlier!

M took the train back home and as every sunday evening i am spending alone at home after a lovely M week end, i try to go to bed soon, in order not to think too much.

I woke up pretty early this morning and was at work around 7, after a nice morning walk. I put my bycicle in the garage for the winter and walk to work nowadays, it is nice. I manage to listen to some pod cast and enjoy this way to wake up. I went home around 16.30, it was all dark outside. I picked up my swimming suit and went to the swimming pool, first time in Linköping. It was kind of hard to swim properly there, it was people everywhere and Swedes are totally unable to swim otherwise than like a goldfish. Pretty annoying but i managed to make 1km without drawning anyone.

The best part of the swimming during winter in Sweden is to go to the sauna after the shower. I really enjoyid the time in there, mostly this time because of the teenagers girls doing the same thing and talking about each other. Also, girls are not nice to each other. It was also a poor little boy (in the womens room) showering since he was with his mother. The poor little boy did not want to come into the sauna, so he was standing under the shower under the whole timer his mother was bathing sauna. I guess he was really bored, looking how the water was running on him.

I came home and cooked a pie, which is almost ready, so have fun tonight, i will have a nice meal now :)