Today was a day from automn, indian automn. A litle wind, sun and a lots of feelings for making it cosy at home. And i did.

I had a uncomfortable morning though. I had to begin the week with some hard discussion at work. It has been a long time since i had to make it and i had the whole night yesterday to think of it. Not really funny if you ask me but it went well. What scared me though is to see my planning for this week and the coming. Every single moment is booked and i hope it will work. I even tried to book for the laundry tonight, but i took a day wrong, like i had to wash my clothes yesterday. The next available time is on the 24th, meaning i will have to troll with my clothes somehow. Interesting to see how i will manage this since i am away most of the days but i will surely developp my creativ side!

I was at the gym today. Not to train, but to pick up a card with 10 times of training on it. I plan to make it once a week and to run too. Now that i managed 21km, i need to keep on running, else it will be as painfull as this summer, i am not sure that i want to register to another half mara for now, but it would be nice to be in shape somehow.

Ok, i made a pause for my dinner but now i need to pack my bag and put some order in the rest of my flat.

Have fun people!