Oh you my friends, i don’t want you to be jealous but once again, it was a mervellous week end for me on planet earth. And this week end began on thursday evening, which was a good thing. I got kind of destroid at work, you know this 10% of all your relations destroying for the 90% others… well, the travell down to Småland and the hugs from M helped me to relax.

After a nice breakfast downtown on friday morning, M went to work and i went shopping, as a good housewife has to do. I bought food, alcohol and Mojo. At home, it was a carrousel of vinyl records while sipping tea and going from one couche to another with a book or Mojo. Nice sunny day, but a waaaaay too cold for my little french me.

This picture was is from Mojo:


Nice to notice that Blondinbella has her copy in the artistic world, but somehow, it sounds so wrong.

In the same number of Mojo, it was also this picture:


Also: focus. Two of my favo musicians evaaaar (Damon Albarn and Flea) making a record with another apparently splendid artist and this will go out exactly 2 days before my bday?!?! You may now know what i am preparing my self: porn for my ears for the beginning of my life with an age beginning with 3!

The rest of the week end was social, cold (outside, poor trees with their ice-skirts) and this morning, i did somehting i haven’t done in ages: i took a bath. Lovely!