Living room

I am sitting i m y living room for the first time since 10 days. Incredible. I don’t need all this space it seems!

Ok, so i’ve done a thing for the third time in my life: i quit my job. This was a short visit this time, 8 months. It was not planned to be that short but sometimes, you have to follow your feelings. The colleagues were very nice and the job itself ok, but i learnt that i need some things to feel confortable at work. You know, maybe a banality, but you spend so much time at work that it has to feel right and i am from this kind of blessed people that writes 2 letters and gets the 2 jobs so i thought i had to find a better place for me to stay.

The most difficult part in this was surely to say no to a very good offer (the other one was even better of course). I realized that there are few times in life when you are get to make a so beautiful choice. So that’s why i was writing everywhere and at anytime recently that i am blessed. Because i am. Plus that i am very thankful of all the chances that are given to me too.

Well. Another done for tomorrow: i will take a run with some colleagues. Hum, i am not really sure on how the chocolate i am eating now while watching Ozbourne singing as a 20-years old guy will help me tomorrow… I feel that i need to begin again to run, september is coming soon. But for my defense, i have had a cold and i am feeling really better since only a couple of days.