A week end at home

It has been ages since i spent a week end alone at home. Don’t think that i am happy of that, if i have been rich, i surely wouldn’t be there but in nice company.

I have had an headache the whole day and even if i took myself out for a run, it did not help. It really did not help my selfestime to think positive things about myself since i thought my heart would beat outside my chest. It was a long (time) run and i was close to death, i tell you. Then i thought i would spend my afternoon cleaning my closet but i just succeed in throwing all the clothes on the floor and then, i got bored. So maybe tomorrow…

I watched a movie tonight, and it ended with this song of the wannadies “you and me song” and it put me at least 10 years back in time. Ush. The thing is that even if i feel much more in love now that what i was then, i am also happy that the “we get again along together after a fight” doesn’t happen like in the song. Actually, i am pretty happy to have a relationship based on discussion.

I did not know that they were swedes. In this old relationship, there was another song, also from a swedish band i realize now, but it was a waaay long before i knew where Sweden was on the map.

And a lots of others too. And i miss him and need to say it to the whole world even if nobody cares. Good night people, tomorrow is another day and i have a mission: put order to all these clothes ruining the floor of my living room. Noight!