My first day, knowing i am a Swede

This may sound strange with this titel, but it was it actually. I got the letter from the Swedish
Administration of Immigration
yesterday, so i was thinking of it quite a lot today.

Excuse me by the way, i missunderstood the journalist. The radio interview will be sent next wednesday, 2/11 at 21.03 on P1 for the ones who want to hear me talk about nationality in Swedish.

Anyway. Back to our sheeps. Since a couple of days, it is really dark when i ride my bycicle to work. I was wondering this morning on how harder the climate is in Sweden in comparison to where i grew up in France (which btw is not the sweetest climate of France either). Here, it is cold, dark, windy during almost half of the year and the other half is not enough warm to wear summer shooes. But someone, there must be some sweet things to do to balance this away. Like sauna in the winter, long days in the summer. How could i choose to live here while life is harder because of the weather? I wonder, but without being able to describe why, there is something mystical about it. Something seducing. You people from south Europe, take 2 weeks of vacations in the middle of the winter and come to try the Swedish Winter. You may like it as well!