Second effect Kisscool

Today is a big administrative day. Or maybe a little more actually.

I received a letter from the Swedish Administration of Immigration that told me that i have the Swedish citizenship now. Well, double actually, i am both French and Swedish. This is kind of a big deal actually for me. I am so French deep inside, from who i am, where i am from and how i see things around and think. I can’t deny this (and don’t want to either). But i live in a country where i had no possibility (until today) to express myself as a citizen. I mean, i pay taxes, i try to behave good but i cannot vote. The question was also: how will it be if i really stay my whole working life here as it seems to become and when i will retire? Somehow, to become a Swede was a step in my future.

The funniest part of it is that tonight, a radio interview of me will be sent on the national radio P1 and the theme was “citizenship and immirgration”. This is ironic that i got the decision this exactly same day, but in the interview, i had no clue about when i would receive the decision.

Now, up to me to respect this cool decision!