Here you go: the sun from friday evening that eventually landed in my computer.


Several reflections today.

A little boy was found dead (prolly murdered) yesterday evening in Ljungby, To think that we prolly were like less than a kilometer from the place and not having known anything and done anything is making me almost throwing up. Things that are horrible on TV, like murders of kids or cancer, when they get in your real life, you just wish you would dissapear from the earth.

The winter is here and today was headgear day. For cycling and for running. Yes, you read well: i did run today. My heart was beating fast and surprinsingly enough, my legs were carrying me quite fast. Good thing.

Me and my army were invited to a wedding next august in France. This is good but hum, not really the good period at work. Let’s see how the planning will be at the end!