Old feelings

You know, when you had some feeling once upon a time, and you grow up and you think that everything is different now and you feel exactly the same as light years before.


Once upon a time, i hated carrots. I thought that it was my imagination, so years later, i bought 2kg of carrots and tried to cook them and like them. FAIL. I still hate carrots.

Once upon a time, i prefered Dressage to Jumping. I thought that it was because my horse did not like jumping, so years later, i tried to jump again. FAIL. I still thought it was boring.

In 2 days, i will become 29 years and ½ old. Last 6 months in my twenties. Scary. Since i moved to Linköping, i
almost lived a day for another, like no plan, just some running races and visits from people. It has a point to take things one by one and slowly. The only things you want to make quick is when you are running upphill: you want the hill to dissapear behind you, wherever you may be, Ljungby, Linköping or on the Tjurruset. I am not feeling optimaly trained for that and honestly, i am afraid.