End of the world?

This is what i saw this morning from my office:


Like the end of the world one year too early. It is planned for 2012 i thought. And it may be right since this cloud just dissapeared as quick as it came. Good.

When i googled “the end lyrics” in order to put a song of the day in relation to that, i got approx 423000 results in 0,23 seconds. It seems that people are obsessed with things who end. Well, everything has an end and my theory is that everything is fine as long as you know when it ends. Then, you can still plan to do the best of it while it is lasting, even if the time is short. But when you don’t know when and how it’s gonna end (life, relationship, world or so), it is in this case you are anxious and panic for nothing.

Well, i said i wouldn’t write on here. Bleh, i can’t promise anything it seems! But for now, since i already broke my promise, you will have to know that i combine laundry and some kilometers running in the wood while listening to Sommar i P1 with Patrik Sjöberg talking. Effectivity.