3 days off + nice company = win, the return!

Oh i need to write on here. I know, i should be quiet but i have to share my joy. I need to shout to the world how
nice the past week was and how happy and peacefull i feel now.

It began with boring things on wednesday evening, like laundry and so, but for what? To fill a bag with clothes in order to go to the Norbergfestival. Thursday morning was also a lot of fixing and a mini sleeping morning put a smile on my lips and this smile is still there. I picked up M at the station and after a lunch, we drove up to Norberg in our little Volvo C30.

I have never been to a music festival and slept over. Always been busy with summer work or something else, so this was a big première for me. First time to rise up the tent for real too. As a reward, we opened the first beer.



We were not the only ones to camp there and it looks approx like that:





And some tents were really sweet too:


During 3 days, we balanced between listening to good music


drinking beers and eating cakes


watching art in and on cool buildings












meeting a lots of cool people, talked to some of them



Music all the time. It was strange the last day to wake up with the sun up and having the feeling that the music never stopped. Like party all the time.

 We drove to Eskilstuna on sunday evening and the weather was still enjoyable. Nice sky when we went to bed and nice unplanned meeting in a restaurant too.


On monday, i put an end to the Eskilstuna story, at least materialy. I sold my flat and it felt kind of weird to give the keys to someone and then, to go and eat lunch in a restaurant in the same street where i lived during 5 years.

We drove our way back to Östergötland with a little round around the lake Roxen and it was time for an ice cream while looking at a nice landscape.


I worked again on tuesday and i can tell you that it was hard to get up. Maybe this is caused by the fact that sleeping in a real bed after 3 days camping is something delicious for an old body. Or maybe it is just the weather. Or the fast to know that someone cool will spend the day at my place while i will be working.

I also got new shoes, oh yeah! New running shoes bought in the inet and the first running with them was hot and enjoyable!






This week feels like 5 weeks all alone. Not negative, just happy. I am happy to live so much cool things. Thanks M for this time and for the pictures above too, i think i stole some. ;)

The song of the day will be one with Puff Daddy, even if he is singing live clothed like he would spend a sunday alone at home, this guy is a real bussiness man, as we could notice it in the film we watched yesterday evening. Take a look at it, this was crazy.