Vacation, day 5

Even if the start was difficult,i had a great 4th day of vacation yesterday. My friend S came right from Finland with her black beauty around the lunch and we hd a great day. A lots of things to tell during the afternoon (long time no see) and we took then the train to Norrköping, where it is Industrisemester, free invents in the old industri place in the town.

We first decided to stop in a restaurant and eat some nice dinner. We sat at a table, and ordered some food while the couple sitting close to us complained about the fact that they waited 40 minutes for 2 sallads and did not have them yet. They told us and the personal that we could have their sallads, that they would just leave the place unsatisfied. Ok? 3 minutes after that, we got the sallads. The couple was ahngry but left anyway and i understand them: we had to wait a looot to get our drinks and the same to get the bill.

We came right on time to listen to Veronica Maggio. I like her songs because she often has nice melodies and the texts are simple, often related to something i also lived once or so but i can’t stand her way to speak and dance and move. She acts like a 14 years old girl.The music was good though, i even cried when i felt a little too touched of some song, but i noticed recently too that i can cry easily to concerts, dunno really why.


A propos teenagers, when my friend S and I were standing in the public, i felt really but really old there. Almost as old as the dinausaurus looking at us,


Before to leave the place, we quickly saw Markus Krunegård going in a VIProom with the musicians somewhere. It would have been nice if he would have guested the stage for some songs. Maybe taken over the place?


We took the last train back to Linköping and in the train it felt OK for us to sit in the places for olderly people. When we arrived home, S and I decided to sleep as long we needed, meaning without clock and to go for a run today before the breakfast. I slept in my living room, without curtains and could admire a wonderfull thunderstorm, with lights and all the package around 4 this morning. At 7, a friend of mine called “just to hear how i was doing”. I did not answer, i heard that on the answering machine, but god, who think i will be able to talk at 7 oclock a friday morning when it is my fifth day of vacation? At 10, another friend called, but i was awake, so i replied.

It is almost 12 oclock and S is still sleeping. I am laying on my couch, my laptop on my stomach, eating chocolate and i tell you, this is good.

Oh, S got up!

The song of the day:

ibland gör man rätt, ibland gör man fel, lev med det!

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