Vacation, day 3

Oh yes, even 8 days of vacation this summer will make it. The day number one was rainy. So rainy that i met a friend on my way to the station:


Yes, it was raining too much in Liköping, so i took my way south to meet a friend and the sun. Double date like. Me liked. It took the train first and then had to take a bus in Alvesta. When i found my place in the train, i also understood why the ticket was so cheap. It was like renting a cabin with view over the sea, well, from the WC window.


Alvesta is not a big city and when the bus is delayed, you think a little lonely there, sitting, waiting, wishing. I had no worry though, busy with listening to a documentary and watching people around. Amond them, it was a beautiful girl who must have been 20 years old. Beaufitul face, with nice pale eyes and an enormous ear piercing. How was she thinking when she did it? Well, i don’t understand, even if i have tatoos myself. (same kind of stuff you was not born to and which is permanent then).


I finally arrived in Ljungby, with the sun and spent a very nice evening with my friend M. Vacation day number 2 was spent with Karl Ove part 2 and the evening was likely pleasant as the previous one. The bonus with people i know since a long time is that i don’t need to be anyone else and myself. This was relaxing after these almost 2 months of trying to fit in a new environment. I like my life so far in Linköping but there is so much new meetings that i am holding myself a little (better be quiet and look stupid than to talk and don’t let any doubt about the fact that you ARE stupid) and somehow, this is oppressing me. With you M, i am really myself and i thank you deeply for the nice hours in your company.


I said good bye to my friend after a fantastic breakfast this morning and took the bus and then the train to come back to Linköping. Vacation day 3 is not finished yet, after a little nap, i will meet my friend U and drink prolly some belgian beers. Tomorrow a friend arrive for some days, it will be fun fun! Oh yeah, it is all about enjoying every minute of these 8 days!