Holidays 2011 = Music festival!

Oh i am so excited!!! I bought my vacations today and even if it’s only 8 days for this summer, it will be awesome and totally full with music.

I begann some days ago when i really decieded to go to the  visfestival in Västervik. People told me it was a wonderfull environment and even if i am not sure to enjoy truly the music, i want to sit in the ruin of the castle, at the sea and listen to songs in my loneliness.

I completed my collection of tickets this morning by buying a ticket for the Norberg festival. A friend of mine talked about this some weeks ago and i never thought it would happen somethingin Norberg but it seems that it is a big festival for electronic music. I am not a pro of this genre, but i am really looking forward drinking some beers and listening to some nice music in my loneliness. This will be 3 days of meditation.


And who said festvial also said camping. So i bought a tent, a really tiny pratical one, which will also be perfect for motorbike riding. I was a little suspicious at the shop when the man explained me how little it was but when i built it in my living room tonight, i think it will just be perfect for me and one people more. But for now, it is me and my tent going to festivals.





The things i miss for the moment are kitchen ustensiles. I am not sure i will buy some, it takes a lots of place in the lugages when you drive motorbike, i give me some days of reflexion. I am really looking forward these 2 events, me that never was to a real festival and spend the night there. I just hope it won’t rain too much, but who cares, there is no bad weather, only bad
(swedish citation).

This is rest for my legs today and i wish i will be able to get up early tomorrow morning in order to run before the work. On the program, it is long pass, meaning at least 10 km but at a slow tempo. It means one hour maybe, so i may come to work a little later, because my little finger tells me that i will give the priority to something else tomorrow evening.

2 thoughts on “Holidays 2011 = Music festival!

  1. Nämen, du har nog köpt samma tält tror jag (Travel Bike 2)? Litet var ordet. Vi testade att resa tältet och lägga oss o det var en klaustrofobisk känsla… man kanske vänjer sig. Hoppas jag…
    Sovsäckarna jag köpte (på webbshopen..) är säkert jättebra och jättevarma men jättestora. Nästan större än tältet… tar i alla fall mångfaldigt mer plats i packningen. Jaja, det är väl det som
    kallas erfarenhet… man ska nog kolla upp saker lite mer, rådfråga o klämma o inte göra impulsköp på nätet när man har tråkigt…


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