Shining lights are what we are

Oh what a day! This is super lovely to spend time with my lill favo sister. We drove to Omberg, stopped in Rök to watch the landscape and a big stone with some writtings on. The sun was shining, nice-o!





We drove then to Omberg and staid at the little and cute Natura museum there. Nice exposition and really calm mood, with birds singing and still sun shining.





We drove up then to Motala and the landscapes were fabulous.



In Motala, we had the joy to see our champions arriving from a 300 km cycling tour around the lake Vättern: Vätternrunda. They are crazy to make this, as the about 28000 others but they seemed pretty lucky at the finish line. Congrats J and J! :)


On our way to Linköping back, the sky was becoming menacing again, look by yourself these dark clouds!


We stopped in Berg to watch the locks and we had the chance to meet some boats there and to see the locks work. (and to find a place to buy a good crepes…).





Then, we made a traditional visit for someone coming to Sweden: I K E A !!! :) and i bought for some crones of things that i needed (or not) but everyone is tired but happy from this day. Now, off to the city to eat something nice in a restaurant. Miam!

The song of the day: the one i woke up with in th head!