Ebba and Torgny

I just watched a lovely documentary on swedish TV about Ebba and Torgny, 2 people who met and loved each other when they were 20. Ebba’s father said no when Torgny asked him if he could marry his daugther. They spent a whole life apart. Both had ther own familly, husband and wife and children, grand children. 60 years later, they met each other again. Their respective partners had died and they decided immediatly to marry and live together. Torgny was 88 years old and Ebba not far from that.


They seemed so happy. It may be wonderfull to get older, i mean old for real, not 35 or 40 but 80 and to be with someone you love since the eternity. Well, that’s what i guess: that 60 years feels like an eternity when you are 80 years old. How do you know when do you meet this person?

I had several happy relationships but it happened to me only once that i thought both about the same man “i want to grow really old with this man” and “he would even be an extraordinary father to my kids”. I thought these thoughts since the first time i saw him, somehow. We have known each other now in years now, back and forth never ending story, and i wonder which kind of relationship we will have in 50 years. I wonder how much the fact that we know each other since ages makes it easier to like each other or at least to stand the other. I wonder if there will be someone between us, if we ever will be together again or if we will just grow as good and old friends. I wonder how strong the heart of both has to beat in order to make this relationship, whatever it is, last several decades.

Let’s see how everything will turn, with him, with the big Ld Life, with the weather tomorrow morning during the planned sunday-run, with the story of Karl-Ove and his childhood, with my dreams from tonight.