OR i dunno how it is called but i need something to put some electricity in my new phone from work. Smart phones are not smart with that, plus that i can’t stand the touch screen. Maybe it will come though…

It is friday and i have been busy today but with good things. Even the second after work of the week! Totally spontaneous. It was a strange moment though. I was talking with my company and suddently, we heard a noice sounding like a shotgun. The whole place became very silent and the police was there. I don’t think afterwards that it was a shotgun but it was strange how everybody just stopped what they were doing (talking nd drinkling mostly).

The uncool thing when i arrived home was this:


Bills. Me likes. NOT! Like all the taxes money i got back yesterday is gonne twice already… Well, no need to be depressed or so, i hve 2 nice books waiting for me to be readen. Knausgård‘s writing in 2 volumes of 6 will be eaten this week end.

The song of the day, this is my new ring tone, because i want it soft in the beginning and mostly because i want to think that i am always on my way to the club when my phone will be ringing at work

On my way to the club
I fell down a hole
All the people there
Said you come alone
And I, I just want to be, darling with you
The music’s made that way
My eyes aren’t blue
There’s nothing I can do

So I stayed in the club
Just rewarding myself
Happiness could turn into something else
And I just wanna be, darling with you
The music’s made that way
My eyes aren’t blue, there’s nothing I can do