Heja Sverige!

This is the national day today in Sweden, meaning vacation for free. It was good for me to have the possibility to sleep a little this morning. I had a bad night, thinking of my grand mother and of all the things that go away with her. She was the last connexion I had to Bretagne and in the “natural” order then now, my parents are next. This is scary. Anyway. I also remembered that i wear her name as third first name. And my mothers as second.

The national day is strange here. This is a red day but the shops and so are open like on a sunday. I needed some fresh air, so i took my bike and made an almost 2 hours long ride in the town. I discovered nice places and maybe a round for the 10km running mornings. It was hot though. Summer here. Let’s see how long it will last.






It was good to ride my bicycle and wonder about life. Strange things when people disappear, this is both a way for me to think “shit, i have plenty of things to do before to die myself” and at the same time, reflecting on who the person who died was and what was her principes, it makes me think “don’t hurry things, if something has to be, it will come, sooner or later.” These two thoughts are haunting me, don’t really know what to do with them.


That with “take your time” was also a thought that was discussed in a documentary i watched yesterday about Annika Östberg and Rickard Flinga. Both of them spent a big part of their lives in american prison and came back to Sweden to be freed. No jugment about what they did or so, but Flingas life got up pretty quick when he became free and just crasched after that. He has nothing. Östberg was just freed this spring, so she may have a long way to go.

When i came back home, i got inspired by 2 friends visiting the place in Stockholm with the best view over the town and i made myself a calorie-rich sandwich. Miam and who cares about the calories!