Good morning people.

I am in pain. My stomach. And i know why. No, this is not the ehec bactery or how this thing is called, this is the core part of the training from thursday. I feel my muscles (apparently i had some, but really really weak) deep in my stomach that are
crying from having been sollicitated. It hurts for real, i swear.

I had a strange evening and night. Well, the evening was pretty lonely, but it was ok since i had been social pretty much the past days. I talked with my friend G over the inet and he told me something that made me fall on the floor back from the past precious week end. Well, don’t believe that i was so naiv to believe that i would be on my happinesscloud thanks to this special guy, no i’ve learnt before, but i lived the past week a little happier and somehow couldn’t stop my brain to imagine how good it could be if… Well, as my mother says “avec des si, on mettrait Paris en bouteille” meaning “with if, you would put Paris in a bottle“. (don’t ask me the links there, i dunno). So no bottle, no Paris and a late sms to tell him that i need space to be normal.

At this point, the people who know me may laugh: “ahah need space, who takes contact all the time?” or “haha need space, you will be quiet 2 days” or an other “ahahah normal, you cannot be!“. True. The whole 3. But i may do an attempt.

I wanted to jogg this morning and it could have been right ok if P1 would have programmed its good shits a little earlier. I was awake around 6h13 and pretty fitt but my favvo program at the radio plays at 8 oclock. “Stil” was talking about Christian Dior this morning and of course, i felt asleep after 7h45 and woke up around 9… So i missed both the early jogg and the nice radio program. Nice failure to begin the day with!

I was a little depressed at 9 oclock, so i staid in bed and felt asleep again. Not good, because my brain was awake and i made crazy dreams about the man i mentioned above and what he may think of me and my behaviour and it was not very flattering. I wish he thinks nicer things in reality, but i won’t ask him since i have to give me space. Bleh, i hate my brain sometimes. Most of all, i hate my need to be liked as much as i like the people in question, i am so often disapointed.

Well, STOP WITH COMPLAINING FOR NOW! Else, my still 3 days long week end with be awefull. I have nothing on the program for now, i should have benn in Stockholm and watch the men playing rugby, but i failed (once again!) at asking for the drive and stuff.

Oh you may want to see my little garden. You will have the roses when they will be real flowers, so later!