IK Akele

I survived the first intervall training with IK Akele, a running club in Linköping. Not that i forgot Vilsta IK but this is not that practical to train in Eskilstuna for me now.

Tonight, it was “steg”, meaning 200m + 400m + 600m + 800m + 1000m + 800m + 600m + 400m + 200m. I did not check my time for every heat but i run the kilometer in 4min 50 sec and the last 200m in 40 seconds. A guy that i met yesterday and who was randomly also running here told me to cheer me up “40 seconds, that what the elit need to run 400 m” ahah i was cheered up.

The thing that i did not know was that after the torture running, it was a core moment. For those who don’t know what it is, check this out: plankan. Try then to lift one leg, and then the other and then one arm and the other and so, and hold 20 seconds each position. When you are done with that, you will be tired, i swear. At least, if you have my condition…

But i like running, this will be nice to go there next thursday too!