Little victory!

ush, if i would have belived in God, i would have said “oh my god” but i don’t, so i won’t say it. But though!

It was rugby training tonight again and i almost died 5 times. Not because it was hard and touchy, no no, just because my heart was collapsing during the intervall training. There is specially  one thing called “the idiot” and you really feel like an idiot doing it, and you get very thankfull when the trainer says “water everyone”. Then, i had to play with the kids, since the good
players were enough to make a 7 against 7. It was all good for me this time, for real.

At the end of the training, i heard the 3 girls saying “hey frenchie!”, so i went to them and one told me “great physical condition you have! You may hang out with us and train with the girlteam, go with R next monday.”. Like ouahou! I am kind of accepted! Cool! So now i need to live up to their expectations… and train to pass this ball better too…

This has been a very sunny day, and i will sleep within 3 minutes after i will lay in my bed. Tomorrow, big day, another one during which i will have to memorize thousend of new names. Good night!