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“it’s extremly dangerous to have a knock out win. You really don’t want to do that. […] Those who have actually won must disapear shiny and those who have actually lost must be allowed to claim victory.”

 “Man kann ein Einigungsvorschlaf, wenn es erfolg haben soll, erst im letzten Moment machen.”

“I didn’t believe historic books which said that personal relationswere so important. I completely changed my mind. Personal relations are more important than national interests. The sympathy, the trust.”

 “We are going from a one polar world to a mulit polar world and we have to understand that, we have to be one of the poles.”

About negociation technics within the european system.


This was actually a very good documentary about the power and why the president of Europe is this one. I don’t know if it was the red wine i am sipping or what but i was thinking that it would be nice sometime to sit in these kind of discussions and to help somehow to give Europe some direction, force, integrity or something. But then i realized that i had to make politics. And i don’t really know where i stand.

From my previous job i was able to notice that politics can be for high and very low values. Like nothing plays any rule but to be chosen every 4 years and few people have deep convictions in what they do. But when i listened to Prodi tonight, i thought that some people are making this because they want to have a better world. Prodi seems to be an experienced man, who choose his battles and try to make the best of the situation. Schröder and Chirac seemed to be intelligent negociators, Blair an interested one, Berlusconi an idiot and Sarko an opportunist. Sarko and Merkel btw did suggest this president for the EU and argument for him it seemed. The bases of Europe are so strongly based on what France and Germany think that they made the first choice for the whole 27 countries it seemed.

I am fascinated about the power to make decisions and to carry them for a whole country, continent or so. My mentor asked me once if i wanted to get engaged in politics, i was young and replied “no” but maybe i should take a look now and decide myself to make something good for the society, since it seemes that i won’t ever have my own familly and make the “svenssons way”.

Link to the documentary, for the swedish people:


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  1. Du kommer att ha en hel cirkus med lill-svenssons om några år, inkl. Villa, Volvo, Vuvve & BMW, Leni! Lite tålamod bara – först måste du bara bli lite mer vuxen, du har ju precis fyllt tjugo
    ;-) !


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