Mission possible

I succeeded in the 2 challenges i had on the list for today. I ate a very nice lunch with a friend and i bought myself a ride. Here you go:


To buy this bicycle was quite an adventure though. I went out from the shop with the phone number of the man who fixed the bike and not that i wanted too, more he who wanted to marry me. Also, he asked me for real: he saw one of my rings and asked me if i was married, i told him no and then he asked me if i wanted to marry him. Like that. I am lucky who are not desperated, but think if i wanted at any price to fullfill my dream of familly and stuff and so, i could… Well, good that i have his number, i may call later if the reflexion tells me he was a good man, or if i am feeling too lonely in Linköping. Crazy.

Then, i HAD to try my ride so i just randomly drove bicycle in the city and i arrived in the old Linköping. This is a place that i save for when i my sister will visit me, but then, not far from there, there is a nice wood, which may need some more hours to be discovered. Next week project!





For now, i am a bit nervous, i will try one thing tonight and not sure how it will go, but i will let you know!

3 thoughts on “Mission possible

  1. Paranoid! Var det menat som en hyllning till alla med bra musiksmak eller var det så du kände dig i cykelaffären… Själv blev jag inspanad av en kille (tror jag i alla fall, kan ha fel, helt säker
    är jag inte..) när jag hämtade mat på Spicy Hot. Kanske inte smäller lika högt som frieri men ändå ;)


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