1000 and 1 tears

I got some comments about my inactivity on the blog the past few days. you have to know that i am in the middle of something that is both exciting and sad.

From the beginning.

Sunday, gone.

Sunday evening, i got to see the swedish hockey team be beaten by the finnish one. 1-6, the mood in the room where i was was pretty shy if i may say so.

Monday, it was a day at work, i finished a lots of things and around 16, we drove from Linköping to Uppsala. tuesday, i made a little show for a group of colleagues about 2 projects i had. I always find it funny to speak in a microphone. Maybe i should be a rockstar instead of being a project manager…

I took the train to Eskilstuna yesterday evening and met a friend to have a very cosy dinner, with good and summer food. We also had a lots to tell and it will be empty without her in the future. A, i will miss you, so come and visit me as soon as you feel for it, k?

I went back home yesterday night and found a brand new cleaned appartment. Empty it was too. I had just some things left to sleep over and i spent kind of an horrible night on this matress. when i bought this high tech thing, they told me “best evaaar on the market”. I was blue eyed (and yes, i am for real) and thought i would sleep like a baby last night but it wasn’t so.


I went to work, got invited by some colleagues for the lunch and had to cry for the first time today. I got a nice gift: a “friends book”, almost an analogic version of facebook and i had albinos eyes whe we returned to work.


It was not the end of wet feelings for today. for the coffee break, almost 100 people were sitting in the coffee room and admiring me crying all the tears of my eyes when i received their gifts. I will miss everyone there and it feels unrealistic that today is my last day at work here. 5 years have been for me a rich and long time and i can still remember the first day i came here, unable to understand quick swedish and trying to take notes and so, a looong time as i wrote. But a good time. Well, enough for tonight, i will be all dry if i cry some more today.

this is the beautiful necklace i received:


picture from here: http://www.efvaattlingstockholm.com/1/en/show-product/show-product-1.52.1.php?item=prod_prod-s1/7772&group=prod_prod_grp-s1/26&back=1

Now, i will pack my last things at the office, go home and dump them there and then meet a friend for a hoopefully nice dinner. Last night in Eskilstuna…

I pray for sun tomorrow since i am driving motorbike to Östergötland. Nice way to celebrate my driving licence

To see and be seen. Yeah. Thanks everyone for this time!