the past days have been quite busy but i made big steps, with the precious help of a lot of nice people. I will not say it enough, but thank you J, A, P, A, J, H and R for yesterday, without you, i would still be trying to lift my soffa alone.

I took a morning walk around the river in Eskilstuna during the morning and i was expecting myself to feel something special, but i wasn’t, though the beautiful view.


I was mostly focused on the fact that everything had to fit in the car we hired. But it went well! there was absolutely no space more (i forgot to take a pic). 47 minutes with 5 people to put my home in the car, it was efficient, i tell you!

On the road to the south, suddently, i thought “shit, we forgot the blue IKEA bag!!!” and we had to stop, i had to call P to check if he had seen something and then listen to J who said “no, we’re not making a U-turn now!”. So ok, i sat back on the sit, and tried to trust everything around. It will be good and what is the problem if i lost a bag, i had so much other things in the truck!


We arrived in Linköping around 19 (perfectly on time, J, you are such a good planificator, yeah, you won the bet). There the Linköpings crew was waiting and in 40 minutes, it was done. Really impressed by everyone who helped and specially by the one i don’t know very well but have the hand on the heart. I mean, first contact with someone: help to carry tons of boxes, this is big.


That was how it looked when i left my new flat to celebrate a friend U. It felt really very good to arrive in a new city and directly on the first evening, after like 1 hour there, to be invited for dinner and spend a cosy evening with cool people.

When i walked home, i thought “oh, i will sleep like a baby”, but i turned my self around in my bed until late in the night. And i woke up early too, light is going up early at this time of the year.

I tried to work today, it was a way too sunny for me to focus, but i should have had vacations today. I just did not manage to stay at home with this chaos. I had much more energy when i came home around 17 and tried to put some order there.





So now, after a good dinner, i will take my way direclty to the bed and rest my tired and blue body.

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  1. Hej!!

    Jag vet inte om det här blir rätt, allt är ju på franska ;)

    Ville bara säga hej, jag saknar dig, kul att få höra om din flytt och få se bilder på din nya lägenhet!



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