this is not the date nor my age, this was the temperature today in Uppsala. Today it was summer in Sweden and tomorrow, just about the time to take the raincoat out and prepare myself for xmas coming soon. Me bitter? ahha no, just bad humor day.

It was a perfect day for what we had to do. I drove a 42 km long road to note where it was bridges, connecting roads, paths and shit you miss and our goal is to put a price on the reconstruction of this road for some people who make big decisions with taxe money in this world. It was a perfect dat for that, but driving twice 42km at a speed of 30 km/h, it takes the whole day and now, i am totally sick of landroads like that. Plus that writting everything in the laptop at the same time made me sick too. But it worked pretty well, plus that the guy who was driving is pretty funny, so we had a cool day.

We finished it with driving across a big building site we have and it was pretty strange, almost no machines were working. But i love driving in big 4*4 through this kind of roads in progress. Well, not very exciting for most of the people but i find it impressing.


It doesn’t look as big, but the mass of stones on the picture was maybe 5-8m high or so, you feel really little on the side.



Note that fleece is still OK to have on in Sweden when it’s 18 degrees warm. And this will be a bridge:


I am now home, wonderring if or not i will go and train. I am feeling really tired since i got up at 5 this morning and honestly, i would rather got o bed right now than run 6 times 1000m at a “high” speed. I have about 10 minutes to decide myself. Hard choice.