My radio in the kitchen is going crazy. I turned it on and the volume is changing by itself. This is funny but not too long actually. Well. This was the anecdote of the morning.

I went to bed pretty early with Keith Richards yesterday and i think i slept like 10 hours or so. When i turned my phone off when i woke up around 7, i had 3 long and funny messages of french friends who were celebrating one of them turning 30. They seemed pretty happy and it made me a little sad not being able to be with them. They were also very creative in the message and made rime between the names and animal names. I got compared to a mistigris. Since i don’t know which kind of animal it is (even if i know the name) i was trying to find something on the net but did no find.

I also got inspired by Annsanns this morning and took a run in the wood. If i got lucky to see the same kind of mervellous view of trees and spring, i will not put a pic of myself running there because it would alarm too much my mother. This were 7 hard kilometers. I dunno why, maybe because i have been so lazy the past weeks.I will try to train better (else i won’t survive the Tjurruset…).

Now, royal breakfast for this sunny sunday. Not sure what i will do today, i have some ideas though. The day will be good!