Spa, the return

but this time for me. The warm water is running down in the bath and within 5 min, i will be falling asleep in it, waking up in cold water. Well, maybe not.


I spent the day with Mister Excel and Mister Cellphone today. It was kind of a cosy day at work though. Before to meet a friend for an after work, i succeeded to give some compliments to the cashier at the local ICA and to find a nice skirt that maybe i would buy if i had some swedish krones over.

It was an alcoholfree after work for me, enough with stupidity for this week but it was also very cosy. Me likes to chat with friends in hours. It is always good to talk about something with others, it gives some perspective. Plus we observed a lots of people tonight. The more the time goes, the more i find drunk middle age people pathetic.

For tonight, you will have a really sweet song, thank you E for this discovery:

And another one of Selah Sue, because she has a really nice voice: