This is one word that meant a lot to my fingers tonight. I took the first ride of the year, oh YEAH!! And it was really a freedom feeling. My love turned 25 000km when we arrived back in Eskilstuna btw. Happy 25 000 km!


The weather was absolutely right according to the prevision and i forgot how wonderfull it was to hear the
wind blowing in my hears and to feel the power of the boxer motor between my legs. Don’t see here any equivoque sentence, it is just extraordinary to be free!

But this morning, i was not as happy to live. I actually wondered really hard how i would survive the day and if it was not better that someone came and kill me right in my bed instead of wasting my last energy trying to survive. This was maybe due to this:


With some colleagues, we kidnapped one of us who changed departement recently and we spent some nice time all together, with sauna, beer, restaurant and some dance until late this night. At least, late for me who turned 29 years and 1 month today. It had been right a long time that i had fun like that out and i don’t regret anything, even if it was a hard day today. Well, i maybe regret the last shot. Which was really good btw.