This has been monday and this is not finished yet. I am all sweety, trying to be ready to take my shower after the innebandy game and i was lame tonight. Even shot a selfgoal… Lame.

A whole day in meeting, i did not even start my computer, which means i will have to get to work at 6 tomorrow morning in order to fix some things for a meeting at 9 in Uppsala, so i need to drive at 7 from Eskilstuna. Bleh. I tried to delegate this meeting but did not succeed.

This morning, my love went on a spa-week and we will reunite on thrusday, after a nice bill (approx 670 euros
the guy told me for 5 min on the phone). German motorbike are nice and reliable (except the battery…) but the service is not cheap, i tell you. The guy took only 100 euros for the transport to his garage, which was cheap and he was very customer oriented. This story means that i have -1160 kr left on my 2 months of “living my retired life inadvance” challenge… Good start…


This was an interresting day though. Even if i was engaged in questions we discussed, i daydreamed quite a lot of my coming new life. I hope i am not putting too much expectations in it as i use to do. I am feeling like der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer, looking right into my future. The big difference between he and i is that i am not seing any clouds, only bright sun and warm moments. My future is going to be bright told me a friend, i so wish he was right! (please, find someone who wants to buy my flat and i would be the happiest girl in the whole universe!!).


I am off downtown to meet a friend now (i foudn the time to shower me) so the song of the day: some memory of the 90’s (again, but this is the decade i became conscious of music, how cool it was, so sorry…