East block

Today was another spontaneous day. A friend picked me up right after 10 oclock and we drove to the east block. Well, actually we drove west, but when you see that below, you may wonder:


This is quite in the centrum of Örebro, the city where all the shops are closed on sunday. And it was good for us, because we went there with furious envy of shopping and i think we saved some enorm amount of money by looking at signs “closed on sunday”. 


Well, not all the shops were closed. We found some nice things though and i bought a new blue jeans, promising myself that i would throw one of my olds away. I actually don’t know which one will land out of the garde robe, it is kind of hard to choose. I have some that i never wear, other that i had for ages and that i love but don’t trust really for a whole day out. Well, drastisk choice for now!


We also went into a chocolate shop and actually, even if i love chocolate, i thought that i was smelling too much cherry liquor and i just couldn’t stand it.


It was a really nice day with this friend, a little vacation in a way. The weather is getting worse and worse, so for now, i will make me a warm bath and dissapear in the water until it becomes too cold.


Oh, you want a song?

Though life is ruff and the road is tuff
You can seize the day
You´re single now well then so am I
So let´s seize the day
Girl lose your blues and just laugh at life
And then seize the day
Cause you only live once